Kindle Publishing – A way of earning Passive income

It is not possible to earn passive income instantly. It requires a lot of hard work and consistency. But this hard work is mostly at the beginning and once the system has started running, you will not be required to do much efforts. This is similar to constructing a building where approximately seventy percent of the time is spent on constructing only foundation.

Your next step is to experiment by considering well-calculated risks because eliminating risks is inevitable. In this, a lot of study and research will help you. After trying different things and observing their results, you will be able to analyse better options for you. You can eliminate and add certain things which suit you. Now comes the automation, which is actually a fun part.

One of the many ways to earn passive income is Kindle Publishing.

Kindle Direct Publishing is a platform where you can self publish your books with no cost. It is Amazon’s self publishing platform. It is the way to reach millions of readers worldwide. It makes your books available on Kindle Store within a few hours after uploading your materials.

There are many benefits of self publishing

  1. You don’t need to be authoritative figure or an expert in a particular subject in which you like to write.
  2. It removes our efforts to do network marketing or approaching influencers.
  3. It provides us space for experimenting and trying out a variety of niches.
  4. Most amazing, it provides passive income. After you have written and uploaded your book, wait for the sales to occur.