Every non-terminating repeating decimal expansion can be represented in (p/q) form where p and q are integers and q≠0

Let’s first start with the definition of rational numbers. I know that definitions in Mathematics appear to be boring but remember, they are the foundations of mathematics. The strength of your foundation will decide the heights of your mathematical concepts.

So let’s start with the definition.

A number ‘r’ is called a rational number, if it can be written in  form (p/q) where p and q are integers and q≠0

And there is one more interesting fact related to rational numbers. It is that non-terminating repeating decimal is a rational number. So obviously, every non-terminating repeating decimal expansion can be represented in  form (p/q) where p and q are integers and q≠0

Let’s observe this with the help of an example

Let a non-terminating repeating decimal expansion be 0.635635……

Let x=0.635635……

Multiply both sides by 1000


1000x=635+x       where  x=0.635635……


x = (635/999)

Where p=635 and q=999


Spirit of Maths teacher in corona war

The coronavirus pandemic has gripped the whole world in its claws. In such a crucial time, along with the governments, several people and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have been coming together to fight the virus in their own possible ways.

One such corona warrior is 85-years-old Maths teacher Saroja Sundararajan who has been contributing towards the Covid-19 funds by selling fun math activity sheets. It is a great example of a popular saying,’ where there is a will there is a way’.

Her passion for Maths helped her in exploring an innovative way to help those in need. As a teacher, she knows that students can better learn Maths concepts through fun techniques and interactive sessions. She has made learning of Maths for the students as easy and interesting as possible.

She integrates the subject with Art to enhance its beauty. She has started a website called Math Funds India. She used to introduce practical activities in classroom. The Department of Education of Delhi got so much impressed with her skills that they often sent their officers to attend her innovative classes.

She is the first Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) teacher to be awarded the Best Teacher’s National Award by President Zail Singh in 1986. She believes that every teacher should enter into the class with an interesting little idea of a story, a puzzle, a riddle or even an activity. This will definitely grab the children’s attention and they will start loving the subject.