Our future challenge

Each milestone in business is achieved only once because everytime there would be different circumstances. When we create something new, we go from 0to 1 and when we go on adding something to it, we go from 1 to n. Creating something new is a miracle and miracles can happen through technology.

When we think about future, we hope for progress. There are two types of progress – horizontal and vertical. Horizontal progress is like going from 1 to n, means adding something to already familiar. Vertical progress is going from 0 to 1 means creating new things, which is much harder than horizontal progress.

Now, what is globalisation?

It is actually a horizontal progress, means taking those things that work somewhere and making them available to other parts of world.

Whereas technology is 0 to 1 progress. Technology is not limited to computers only. Instead, any new and innovative way of doing things is Technology. In this world of scarce resources, globalisation without new technology is not sustainable. So our challenge for future is to create new technologies to make 21st century way better than the 20th.

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